The art of painting and photography intertwine in Artur Eranosian's work, fulminating in a true cross-fertilisation of these two worlds. Eranosian explores the boundaries of each medium, and is able to blend them seamlessly.  Through this process he develops his own figurative design language.

He invariably finds his subjects in the commonplace. A wall, the sea, a tree or a church tower: he photographs our familiar surroundings using highly stylized techniques in a manner that is virtually unrecognisable. The photographic image transcends the banality of his own everyday context.

The sense of disconcertion that arises is what typifies this young artist's abstract work. It is a balancing act in which the artist experiences and interprets photography and painting in a non-conventional way. His objective is not to show something to the observer. Rather by using his unique language, in which the photographed subject is not immediately legible, he principally seeks to elicit feeling from within the observer.

While Eranosian was exploring his own, new language, he was being followed by photographer and documentary filmmaker, Jimmy Kets. The documentary provides a unique inside perspective into the artist's vision, the doubts he experiences along the way, and the passion with which he gradually learns to wield his own artistic language.